In the year 2000, an 'Outreach Committee' of the Club  was established. It is now the "Asociación Caritativa Canadiense"(ACC)


    Vision: Every child shall have a clean, healthy and safe environment in which to learn and grow.


    Mission: To facilitate sustainable improvements in the infrastructure of primary schools in Costa Rica


   Approach:To improve the ability of staff and school boards to access funds for infrastructure improvements.

To use ACC funds to provide training  and leverage funding from other sources.

To develop teams of a minimum of one Costa Rican and one International to visit communities who have asked for assistance. These teams will organize meetings between Principals and Boards, Municipal Officials and local businesses. Lessons learned in other schools will be shared. These teams will be subsidized, when necessary, with gas mileage, meals and overnight accommodation.

Canada Fund For Local Inniatives:

In support of  the ACC and our fund-raising activities, the

Canadian Embassy through the Canada Fund For Local

Initiatives has donated more than one dollar for every dollar

raised by ACC and the Canadian Club.

Since 2000, this partnership has resulted in donations to the Costa Rican community totalling  more than $300,000 has trained for over 100 school boards members and principals, and provided direct funding for infrastructure improvement for over 80 schools.

Contact Fred Boden, President

              Tel: (506) 2282 -1146