The History of the Canadian Club

The current Canadian Club has evolved from organizations which were started up in the '70's. We believe the first one was formed in 1975 by John Trelevyn, Jack Findlay, & Eric Warrington, and the club was mainly a social one. Together with the Canadian Embassy, the Canadian Club supported an orphanage (started by a Canadian) close to Cartago.

There were large parties at that time for special 'Canadian Club' events and they were always well attended by the Embassy staff.

In the 1980's things started slowing down and the club began to shrink until the memberhip was, at most, 50 people. In the early 90's it was still basically a social club.

Around 1993 there was some dissention and some members broke away to form another Canadian Club. This did not sit well with either the Canadian community or the Embassy, and members from both clubs worked hard to get the two groups to merge. In 1997 we became one again.


We raised funds for many projects throughout many Costa Rican communities, especially within the public school sytem.

The Outreach/ Asociación Caritativa Canadiense volunteer group continued to be very active and since 2000 donated more than US$300,000 to institutions and schools serving very poor communities.

On July 1st. 2001 the 'Canadian Club of Costa Rica' website was launched, and is regulary updated by a club member.