'The Canadian Club'


The friendly people who constitute "The Canadian Club" live either full time, or seasonally, here in Costa Rica. We are about 400 members strong, and growing. 

The club encourages networking, the use of Canadian business in the country, close ties with the Canadian Embassy for Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua
in San José, and presentation of ourselves favourably
in our host country.

Monthly luncheons are held in the San José/Central
Valley on the 3rd Wednesday of most months (either Potluck at a member's home or at a restaurant). We
enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner and Canada Day together.

Canadians elsewhere in the country are welcome to
start up their own local chapter of the club.  Be sure
to let us know, so we can be in touch!

There are no dues to belong to the Canadian Club of
Costa Rica. Members can also be persons who are
not Canadian but have a strong connection with
Canada or the club - our good friends. Announcements
of luncheons and events are published in a free
monthly Newsletter, which you can receive by emailing
Patricia and be added to our mailing list.

Please let us know when you come to balmy San José
and make some arrangements to come out and meet
us! You'll be most welcome!

¡Pura vida!